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Alec Encil
Production Superintendent, Tembec

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Lumber Grading

Our process begins with defining the vocabulary for the grading tasks. We work together with you to determine the species, grades, measurements, etc. that will be part of the dictionary of terms. The terms used and the order in which they are spoken is fully customized to your specifications. Our experience has shown us that each mill is somewhat unique in the way their processes are defined. Our software is customized to fit the way you do business.
Lumber inspectors utilize the Talkman® T2x/T5 wireless wearable computer to perform their tasks. Ergonomically designed to fit the contours of the body, the Talkman® is belt worn with a high-noise headset. Inspectors speak the key information for each board into the Talkman’s® microphone and their words are transformed to data. The Talkman® in turn repeats the key information back to the inspector in their earphones which guarantees data accuracy. Boards can be added, changed and/or deleted, all with voice commands.
VDTS Hardwood Grading software incorporates a Sort Manager where customized sorts and production runs a
re created. Inspectors can load and start production runs with voice commands and have the ability to have multiple runs/loads open. Using their voice, inspectors can also check on the load status ( % complete, footage, grade %, etc. ) at any time. All data is captured in real-time, providing up to the minute inventory and management reporting.
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