VDTS  System Description

VDTS, Inc. is a Vocollect® Total Solutions Partner and combines Vocollect® Talkman® Mobile Computing devices and wireless connectivity with VDTS’ proprietary software solutions in a turnkey system that provides extremely accurate voice recognition in high noise environments.

Wi-Fi enabled Talkman® terminals equipped with high noise Bluetooth headsets (new Q4 2014) provide inspectors with complete mobility. The Talkman® terminals are belt worn and connect wirelessly to the host system. Inspectors speak in pertinent data via their headset microphone and the host system responds by repeating the spoken input in the inspector’s headset earpiece. This process guarantees data accuracy.

The inspector has the ability to edit data input, cancel data input, repeat data input and query the host system for process status. Processes can be completed, reports printed, and new processes started all with voice commands.













The system is comprised of both hardware and software; the hardware component includes Vocollect® Talkman® Mobile Computing Devices with a high noise Bluetooth Headset, full shift batteries and a charging station. An 802.11 A/B/G wireless network provides connectivity for the Talkman® devices. All hardware is industrial grade and made to withstand the rigor of challenging environments.







The software component includes VDTS’ proprietary software, custom configured to client specifications. The system can be configured for both grading and tallying with real time visualization. Data is stored in a SQL database and can be exported to the clients’ current management system. VDTS systems are fully scalable to meet our clients’ changing needs.