"Provides excellent management tools for the Mill...We’re ecstatic with the results”

Alec Encil
Production Superintendent, Tembec

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Timber Cruising

Our process begins with defining the vocabulary for the Cruising tasks. We work together with you to determine the rules, species, grades, measurements, etc. that will be part of the dictionary of terms. The terms used and the order in which they are spoken is fully customized to your specifications. Our experience has shown us that each mill is somewhat unique in the way their processes are defined. Our software is customized to fit the way you do business.

Timber Cruisers utilize the Talkman® T2x/T5 wireless wearable computer to perform their tasks. Ergonomically designed to fit the contours of the body, the Talkman® is belt worn with a high-noise headset. Cruisers speak the key information for each tree into the Talkman’s® microphone and their words are transformed to data. The Talkman® in turn repeats the key information back to the cruiser in their earphones which guarantees data accuracy. Trees can be added, changed and/or deleted, all with voice commands.

VDTS Timber Cruising operates in a batch-mode environment, storing the data in the Talkman’s® on-board memory. Customized memory management allows us to store 3 to 4 weeks worth of cruise data on the Talkman®. Data is downloaded to the Timber Cruising application when the Talkman is brought into radio frequency range. This process can take place at the mill or at the cruise site location, with the ability to produce on-site reports. For those operations that currently have a management system in place, we have the flexibility to interface Voice Technology with many well known software applications.

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