"Provides excellent management tools for the Mill...We’re ecstatic with the results”

Alec Encil
Production Superintendent, Tembec

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Discover the impact of the spoken word. Harness the power of voice.

Whether cruising timber, scaling logs or grading lumber – all are thoughtful processes based on the training, experience and skill of the inspector. Why take the focus off this process to record data with tally cards or cumbersome handheld terminals? Why not utilize the most natural process in the world to capture data – the process of speech – the spoken word.

Voice Directed Tally Systems, Inc. specializes in voice directed applications for the lumber industry in hardwood grading, log scaling and timber cruising.

Utilizing the latest in voice directed wireless wearable computer technology, our solutions incorporate Vocollect Voice®, which literally talks inspectors through their daily tasks, replacing traditional data capture methods with hands-free, eyes-free personal voice dialogs.

At a glance, our voice directed solutions can:

• Increase productivity
• Improve grade percentages
• Eliminate data entry errors
• Reduce inventory variances
• Eliminate volume-related customer complaints
• Reduce administrative overhead

Learn what mill owners in Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Ontario, Canada have experienced with our Voice Directed solutions.

Improved efficiency, reduced operational costs and a return on investment in as little as 3 months.

Speak with us for more information and to arrange a demonstration. We’re listening.