"Provides excellent management tools for the Mill...We’re ecstatic with the results”

Alec Encil
Production Superintendent, Tembec

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About VDTS

Fundamentally, we are people who understand the processes involved in mill operations. We’ve had firsthand experience. And from this experience, we have developed software solutions that simplify and automate many of these processes. From mill infeed to finished product inventory, our solutions are helping mill operations in the US and Canada be more efficient and cost effective.

Our portfolio of installed projects include sawmill automation / process control systems such as automated lumber stackers, 3-D board scanners, automated bin sorters and automated 4 bunk log carriage set works.

Since 2003, our focus has been on applying voice technology to the grading and tallying processes. From the forest to the kiln, we have built solutions that are easy to use, improve productivity and have a proven return on investment. Our applications run in a real-time environment, with up-to-the-minute availability of inventory and management reporting.

Most important, we are people who listen. We recognize the power of the spoken word. And we would like to speak with you. Contact us today to discover how Voice Technology can benefit your operation.