Here is what our satisfied clients have to say about VDTS.

"Provides excellent management tools for the Mill" "We’re ecstatic with the results"

Rayonier Huntsville

"We scale 3 times as many logs with VDTS voice compared to handhelds"

Columbia Forest Products

"Since we installed the system, we have had zero customer complaints related to volume”

Don Kerr, Customer Service Supervisor, Tembec

"You guys are so easy to deal with – we appreciate that"

Gutchess Lumber

"We really enjoy using our Voice Tally system"

Anthony Oak Flooring

"One guy using VDTS voice can do the work of 3 guys using handhelds"

Gutchess Brookville

"Provides excellent management tools for the Mill” "We’re ecstatic with the results”

Alec Encil, Production Superintendent, Tembec

"Commands are intuitive. Appreciate the cheat sheet of commands, but have not had to look at them since the initial use."

"We've been extremely pleased from the beginning. Uptime has been tremendous. We haven't experienced any downtime with this system. The bottom line is, it works. We're faster and more accurate using VDTS."

Terry Stockdale, President BWP Hardwoods

"The two ratings shells I’ve used for plant height and for bolls were great. Also being able to take multiple ratings a single timing. Typically would be 2 single ratings, no subsamples, but it’s great to have the capability of taking single ratings along with subsamples if needed."

"Technical support has been top notch. Very impressed with response time and effectiveness of your responses. Your group has addressed all of our questions, concerns, and requests in a very professional and timely manner."

"Many of our assessments are hands on. Major benefit has been not having to either write or type and set down materials to make assessment. Time and efficiency. Also nice having both visual and voice response for verifications."