Field Trials

Capture rich geospatial data, measurements,
pictures, video, and more.

Are you ready to leave pen-and-paper inspections behind?

Choose the hands-free solution that works for your organization, and gets your team onboard with next generation wearable technology.  Eliminate busywork, increase productivity, and improve every aspect of your mobile safety and inspection program.

From creating and navigating to your stands and plots, gathering your data hands-free by voice, geo-tagging your photos and data, and capturing pertinent information through your comments, VDTS provides a hands-free voice driven all-in one wearable tool to accomplish all these tasks.

no more clipboard go hands free
hands free in the field

In the field

Navigate to your plots via live GPS, gather your measurement and characteristic data by voice, take photos of pertinent items of interest. Be confident that your data is safe – confirmed by both visual and audible feedback.

navigate to your plot
gather characteristic data
confirm visually
no signal store locally

No Signal

No problem: VDTS stores everything locally with the industry’s best hands-free data collection capability.

Real responses from the field

Did you find the HMT-1 easy to use?

  • Absolutely. Commands are intuitive. Appreciate the cheat sheet of commands, but have not had to look at them since the initial use.

Did the software operate in the manner that you were expecting?

  • So far yes. The two ratings shells I’ve used for plant height and for bolls were great. Also being able to take multiple ratings a single timing. Typically would be 2 single ratings, no subsamples, but it’s great to have the capability of taking single ratings along with subsamples if needed.

How would you rate our response to any issues requiring support?

  • Technical support has been top notch. Very impressed with response time and effectiveness of your responses. Your group has addressed all of our questions, concerns, and requests in a very professional and timely manner.

Having used the system, what immediate benefits have you observed?

  • Many of our assessments are hands on. Major benefit has been not having to either write or type and set down materials to make assessment. Time and efficiency. Also nice having both visual and voice response for verifications.

What future benefits can you foresee having used the system?

  • Time saving will be huge when assessing large trials. I’m also very excited about the camera that automatically geo-tags photos with corresponding trial and treatment numbers.
measure hands free in the field